CAN-Bus Key Pad

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Solid high quality Keypad, durable fully sealed waterproof aluminium case, simple CAN-Bus connection. Large range of button inserts. Each button has 3 different surround color illuminations for easy state and function identification

Available in 4p 6p 8p 10p 12p configurations

Keypads come with blank buttons, inserts need to be selected and purchased individually. Please see dimension detail and insert selection PDF file that is linked below and contact us with a list of insert id numbers


Key features

  • CAN bus compatible keyboard,
  • 125kbps, 250kbps, 500kbps CAN bus speed supported,
  • works with EMU BLACK (1 keyboard) and PMU devices (up to 2 keyboards),
  • full customization possible,
  • IP 67 rated


BUTTON SELECTION  and dimension / connection details