DET3 Digital ECU Tuner

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Digital ECU Tuner 3 is one of the most popular "piggy back" devices on the European market today.  Built in 400Kpa MAP sensor

Technical details

  • four 16x16 size tables (fuel map,two PWM tables, ignition table),
  • 8 Correction tables 16x1,
  • 2 independent switchable map sets ,
  • possibility modification of one analogue signal,
  • 4 analogue inputs,
  • inbuilt Data Flash - possibility of logging without PC
  • battery voltage monitoring,
  • support of frequency output air flow meter (possibility of signal modification) 17Hz-4kHz,
  • support VR and Hall effect crank sensors together with ignition modules pulse. Device supports both single ended and differential signals,
  • supports a lot of crank trigger patterns: 60-2, 36-2, 36-1, Multitooth, Ignition Modules and more,
  • support of waste gate valve,
  • output for 4 saturated injectors ("full group"),
  • ON/OFF parametric output,
  • automatic conversion of MAP to MAF with the use of the learning algorithm,
  • launch control,
  • road dyno,
  • individual calibration of each analogue sensors - device displayed values with correct units,
  • free firmware update - new crank trigger patterns and new functionality,
  • fuel Implant mode - possibility to drive injectors in standalone mode (batch fire),
  • USB communication no additional interface needed,
  • 24 months warranty.

PC Requirements

To properly work with the DET3 device following minimum is required.

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Wimndows 7, 8,10
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 16bit
  • CPU with a clock of at least 600MHz
  • USB port

What's in the box

  • Digital Ecu Tuner 3 device
  • USB AA lead
  • connector
  • set of terminals
  • set of resistors and diode which may be useful during installation