CAN-bus I/O Expander

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Stand Alone CAN I/O Expander

8 Analog inputs
8 Switch inputs
4 Low side outputs.

Internally this is the same as the popular Ecumaster CAN switch board enclosed in a case with connector to be used as a stand alone component. Allows easy transfer of up to 8 switch states and 8 analog signals over the CAN bus. In addition to this, the device has 4 built-in low side outputs that can be activated with a CAN bus message.

V3 User Manual.pdf

Key features

  • CAN BUS 2.0B
  • 500 or 1000kbps, user selectable
  • different CAN ID and CAN frame structures can be selected,
  • only 25x25mm in size,
  • 8  switch inputs (switched to ground)
  • 8 analog inputs / rotary switch inputs, 0-5V, 10bits
  • 4 low side outputs (0.5A, resistive and inductive loads)
  • 6-22V power supply
  • +5V output for powering rotary switches, sensors and potentiometers
  • firmware upgrade over the CAN bus