DET3 Digital ECU Tuner

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Digital ECU Tuner 3 is one of the most popular "piggy back" devices on the European market today.  Built in 400Kpa MAP sensor


Software download for Black Chrono version DET3 HERE
For normal Silver version see DOWNLOAD section
(There are NO feature differences between Chrono and Silver)

Technical details

  • four 16x16 size tables (fuel map,two PWM tables, ignition table),
  • 8 Correction tables 16x1,
  • 2 independent switchable map sets ,
  • possibility modification of one analogue signal,
  • 4 analogue inputs,
  • inbuilt Data Flash - possibility of logging without PC
  • battery voltage monitoring,
  • support of frequency output air flow meter (possibility of signal modification) 17Hz-4kHz,
  • support VR and Hall effect crank sensors together with ignition modules pulse. Device supports both single ended and differential signals,
  • supports a lot of crank trigger patterns: 60-2, 36-2, 36-1, Multitooth, Ignition Modules and more,
  • support of waste gate valve,
  • output for 4 saturated injectors ("full group"),
  • ON/OFF parametric output,
  • automatic conversion of MAP to MAF with the use of the learning algorithm,
  • launch control,
  • road dyno,
  • individual calibration of each analogue sensors - device displayed values with correct units,
  • free firmware update - new crank trigger patterns and new functionality,
  • fuel Implant mode - possibility to drive injectors in standalone mode (batch fire),
  • USB communication no additional interface needed,
  • 24 months warranty.

PC Requirements

To properly work with the DET3 device following minimum is required.

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Wimndows 7, 8,10
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 16bit
  • CPU with a clock of at least 600MHz
  • USB port

What's in the box

  • Digital Ecu Tuner 3 device
  • USB AA lead
  • connector
  • set of terminals
  • set of resistors and diode which may be useful during installation

Software download for Black Chrono version HERE
For normal silver version see DOWNLOAD section
(There are NO feature differences between Chrono and Standard)