Duel H-Bridge

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In modern cars, there are many actuators and pumps driven by DC
electric motors which require relatively high current along with precise
duty cycle control and direction. A few examples are variable valve lift
mechanisms, multiple ITBs using one control unit and power windows.
Sometimes the best option is to use remotely installed high current
H-Bridges. Our new module consists of two 10A H-Bridges controlled
directly or via CAN messages.
This solution is perfect for BMW ITB electronic throttles (quite a high
current required) when the module acts as a bridge between an aftermarket
ECU and the throttle.Another common installation is in a door, where one
H-Bridge can operate power windows and second lock functionality.
This device can also be used as a high current general purpose output
expander (4 x 10Ahigh side / low side outputs) for engine management
CNC machined aluminium enclosure facilitates perfect heat dissipation
and environmental protection which is a key factor of product reliability.

Key features

•2 H-Bridge 10A continuous current, 30A peak
•Direct control or via CAN messages
•Free firmware upgrades
•Configurable via CAN BUS