ECU Master PMU-16 / PMU-24

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PMU-16 /PMU-24

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All PMU are supplied with connectors and terminals

NOTE: compatible USB-can device is needed for setting up and programming

Smart power management with 150A continuous capacity!

Decades ago, the critical electronic components in a race car were the ignition coil and points. Race cars are now sophisticated machines equipped with advanced engine management systems. Add to that dataloggers, radios, electric pumps, fans, and lights, and you end up with a lot of electrical equipment. All components need to be powered ON and turned OFF at the correct moments, and all components require circuit protection to prevent damage or fire in case of accident or component malfunction.

Historically these duties have all been managed using switches, fuses, and relays, but they have many shortcomings! First and foremost, each component must have its own switch, fuse, and relay, requiring wiring looms to run from the switch to each relay or component, adding complexity and weight. Fuses and relays are also susceptible to damage from vibration and high temperatures, both of which are commonplace in racing environments. Fuse failure is also difficult to diagnose during competition, and a driver is unlikely to be able to replace a fuse while racing. Partial solutions for this are automatic circuit breakers, but high ambient temperatures can cause breakers to trip well below their rating.

All of these problems can be solved by using intelligent power management units (PMUs). The newly developed ECUMaster PMU unit is at the forefront of power management technology. The PMU features 16 output channels that can be grouped for high-current devices. If more than 16 outputs are required, multiple PMUs can be connected via CAN BUS. The PMU is a modern device that packages the functionality of fuses, relays and more in one sleek and small package.

All power outputs can be programmed using a vast array or parametric and logic sequencing enabling fault detection, reset and automated contingency strategies. For example secondary fuel pums deployment during fault or low fuel pressure detection. CAN-Bus communication links the unit to the ecu and touch button keypad for comprehensive switching and control operations. For example multiple wiper delay and speed options all controlled from one push button via sequence and push duration selections.


Temperature range AECQ100 GRADE1 (-40 to +125˚C)
CPU 32 bits automotive, 90MIPS
Reverse polarity protection Yes, internal
Operating voltage 6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637
Enclosure IP 60, bespoke CNC machined aluminium
Size (mm) and weight(g) 131x112x32.5, 345g
Connectors 1 x 39 Automotive connector,


1 x M6 stud for battery connection



High current outputs 10 x 25A(cont.), 6 x 15A(cont.) with overcurrent and overheating protection. Outputs may be paired to increase continuous current capability. Current and voltage is measured for each output
Total current output 150A continuous
Output current control step 100mA
Wipers output Dedicated output with wiper braking feature
+5V Monitored 5V, 500mA output for powering external sensors.


Analog inputs 16 inputs, 10 bit resolution, 0-5V (protected), with software selectable 10K Ohm pullup and pulldowns
CAN Keypads 2 x Ecumaster keypads (4, 6, 8, 12 keys)


Output state indication 16 bicolour LEDs
Accelerometer/Gyroscope 3D accelerometer with 3D gyroscope for logging and crash detection
Real time clock Yes, super capacitor for backup power (up to 3 days)



CAN interface 2 x CAN2.0 A/B
CAN standard CAN2.0 A/B – 125, 250, 500, 1000 kbps
Input/output stream User defined with bit masking,


up to 100 input messages


Logging memory 256 Mbytes
Logging speed Variable, defined per channel, up to 500Hz


Logical operators AND, OR, NOT, XOR,  >, <, =, >=, <=, !=, isTrue, isFalse, Toggle, Flash, Pulse
Number of functions 100
Number of operations 250
Update frequency 500Hz
Special functions Wipers, blinkers


*Version PMU-16DL