Wheel Speed to CAN

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Reading and processing wheel speed data is a common problem in
modern racing cars. Most modern ABS systems use active
magnetoresistive sensors and any attempts to “tap” into those signals can
create errors in an ABS system.
To help our customers we designed the ultimate solution – Wheel speed
to CAN. This compact device reads wheel speed sensors and sends them
via a CAN BUS to other devices like Dashboards, Dataloggers and ECUs.
Most importantly, the signal from sensors is not disrupted and retains
the full functionality of the anti-lock brake system. The module also can
be used as expansion module if a direct connection of all 4 wheel speed
sensors to the ECU (not enough inputs) is not possible.

Key features

•Supports up to 4 magnetoresistive / VR / Hall sensors
•CAN 2.0A/B (125, 250, 500, 1000 kbps), customizable messages and data format
•Free firmware upgrades
•Configurable via CAN BUS